Release: Finding Peace by Melanie D. Snitker
If you like clean
romance novels with a dash of mystery and suspense, check out Finding Peace.
This is the first book in Melanie’s new series, Love’s Compass, and is the
story of Kentucky “Tuck” Chandler and Laurie Blake.

Peace is available on Kindle and in paperback
Police Officer Tuck Chandler is good at his job. He’s also
good at holding women at arm’s length. Jilted by his fiancée for his dedication
to his job, he’s not about to open himself up to hurt like that again.

Laurie Blake is a struggling photographer. After
growing up in a wealthy family, she’s determined to make it on her own, even if
it means doing it the hard way.

When Tuck is assigned to a puzzling burglary
involving Laurie’s fledgling photography business, he goes into it with his
usual perseverance. He wants to help her – if she’ll let him. As the case
unfolds and the mystery deepens, another question arises.
Will the past get in the way of their future?
Book Excerpt
had been a long day and Laurie was more than happy to be driving back home
again. The plastic over the passenger side window flapped in the wind and she
hunched her shoulders against the cold. She had to turn up the volume on the
radio to hear it.
smiled as she thought back over the two photo sessions. They had gone extremely
well. The next step would be to go through all of the images over the following
week and process them. She couldn’t wait to be able to upload the finished
pictures so that the families could see them.
vision of the newborn peeing on his daddy made her chuckle. It was all part of
the job and she came prepared. But she had to admit, she was glad it was him
and not her.
day ended with a trip to one of the local ponds. The moon was full and she
couldn’t resist taking photos of its brilliance reflected in the water. Now it
was late and all she wanted to do was go upstairs to her apartment and slip
under the warm quilt on her bed.
smiling, Laurie pulled her car to a stop and stepped onto the pavement. The
early night air seeped through her jacket. Her feet quickened, thoughts of hot
tea an incentive to unlock the door and get all of the equipment from the trunk
of her car as quickly as possible.
reached for the door. Her hand stilled when it swung open a couple of inches
before she had a chance to insert the key. Holding her breath, she nudged it
open further with her foot. She squinted, trying to make out the shapes in the
dark room. 
she forgotten to lock the door?
surely not. She usually double and triple checked to make sure everything was
secure before she left.
shaking, she reached for the light switch. Feeling the plastic with the tip of
a finger, she pushed it upward. The light that illuminated her studio made her
eyes burn and she blinked as she stepped inside.
hard, her gaze flickered from the desk against one wall to the stands
supporting her backdrops.
man stepped away from one of the shadows in the back corner of the room.

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