A to Z Challenge: B is for Bellerophon

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I’m fascinated with Greek mythology, especially with the myths that aren’t as well-known as others. Bellerophon was a perfect choice for today’s letter B

Do you know who Bellerophon is?

Neither did I. So here’s you chance to find out…

Bellerophon is Pegasus’s rider. He accepts a magical bridle that lets him mount the horse and kill the Chimaera–a fire-breathing, part lion, goat, and serpent. Bellerophon also fights the Amazons. But he’s not content to fulfill his role and retire, as others, like Perseus, have done. Instead, he keeps his magical weapons. He once again mounts Pegasus and attempts to leap the barriers to the heavens. He provokes the gods’ hostility.

During the Middle Ages, Perseus eventually replaces Bellerophon as Pegasus’s rider, although the original hero was always Bellerophon.

Other notes of interest: the first planet discovered orbiting a sun-like star, 51 Pegasi b, was unofficially nicknamed Bellerophon.
The name Bellerophon has appeared in several TV shows, including Star Trek, Firefly, and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Keep a lookout and I’ll bet you’ll find Bellerophon in other places–books, TV, science. I hope you learned something new! 

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  1. You gave e just enough to interest me and left me wanting more. Now I want to know how Bellerophon met his demise.

  2. Hi again Tamara! Guess I will have to come back later for your C post. Don't forget to share your posts on your google page since that is where your link takes us 🙂

  3. Wow…interesting post 🙂

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge! x

  4. Hi Tamara,

    Had some trouble with my google connect yesterday but today it is working fine and I am now able to follow your blog. Maybe others have had the same problems. BTW, your comments do not show up in my email box so you might want to check your settings for that 🙂 Will be back tomorrow for your C post.

  5. I'd never heard of Bellerophon. Sadly, I wrote a book about muses but I'm clueless when it comes to mythology. I actually learned about muses through the movie Xanadu. Now that IS pathetic!

  6. Hi Tamara.. I'm in love with anything to do with Greek Myths as well.. and this is going to be an interesting 26 days..


  7. Never heard of him either. It is going to be fun reading your posts this challenge! I do love a good God story.

  8. I hadn't ever heard of Bellerophon before. Perseus, sure, but never Bellerophon.Sounds like I've been missing out.

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