A to Z Challenge: D is for Descending

While I usually focus on the original Greek myths, today I’d like to focus on a modern retelling. I discovered Holly Kelly’s RISING a few weeks ago and loved it. Kelly incorporates the tales of Triton, messenger of the sea, and son of Poseidon. However, her book is not a retelling of The Little Mermaid. She’s created an undersea world inhabited by Dagonians, the descendants of Calypso, a sea nymph, and Dagon, a Sumerian sea god. The Dagonians don’t have traditional scaly fins. Instead, their fins look more like a shark’s fin. In this story, mermaids are thought to be extinct, and the undersea universe is populated mainly by the Dagonians, who hate mermaids.I loved the way the author incorporates the old myths to create her universe. While Triton wields a trident and lives mostly undersea, he also the ability to walk on land and use transformative magic. I love the new twists on the old stories, which is one of the reasons I connected with this book.

RISING fascinated me. I am now reading the sequel, Descending, which I am also enjoying, although to me it feels a bit more rushed than the first.

That said, discovering new myths is one of the reasons I chose this challenge. Look what worlds can be created from studying the old myths. Kelly brings a unique perspective to the mermaid tale, one which I thoroughly enjoyed, and hope you will too! Her books are available on Amazon and B&N. RISING is free. 
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  1. I think there could be a good story inspired by the missing Malaysian airliner where an undersea kingdom somehow captures an airliner to hold it hostage. For some reason this occurred to me while I was reading this. Guess that missing plane story has been in the news so much it's just on my mind.

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  2. I don't know much about mythology. What a fun education!

  3. I downloaded Rising, I hope I get a chance to fit it into my schedule soon. Sounds very interesting, thanks!

  4. Rising downloaded. It's free at the moment. I love myth/fairy tale retellings. Have you read Beauty by McKinley & the Elemental Masters books by Lackey?

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