Creating the Everynerd

Dear readers, I need help! I’m soon to rewrite the first scene of my book, DREAMTHIEF, which is a story about a psychologist who helps nerdy people conquer their real-world mental problems such as depression and OCD’s. Most of her patients collect fairy or dragon memorabilia. Why? Because they’ve actually been to Fairy World and are trying to remember it.

Here’s where I need your help. The first patient the reader is introduced to is going to be the Everynerd. I need this guy to be identifiable with every nerd out there. I’ve already come up with some stereotypical nerdy stuff, but I need more ideas. What are some things nerds are into that aren’t necessarily portrayed on TV? I need each of you to reach into your inner nerd and give me some ideas. Leave a comment and let me know what makes the perfect nerd.


  1. K–Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is great stuff! It is exactly what I needed, and more importantly, I think everyone can see a little of this in their own personality.

  2. Hello, I got here from Ilona Andrews' site hoping actually to learn more what an everynerd is. But I hear you, so I reached inside. Here what my own nerdiness looks like:
    – being obsessed with something
    – collecting any knowledge on the subject: books, magazines, internet, courses,
    – spending long hours on thinking about it and talking about it, sometimes more than doing it, think: a dreamer
    -not paying attention to other things, forgetting about meetings and things to be done, think: ADD,
    – the urge to be the most expert in it among ones colleagues, think: jeallous scollar
    – giving it a disproportionally high priority, getting emotional high on the successes and depressed on failures, think: Anne of Green Gables
    – pestering friends and family with the borring -for them- subject
    – focusing on things, not on people
    – resigning from doing things that are obvious for an everynormal, like watching tv, having a facebook account, etc.
    I hope this helps, good luck!

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