Making Time to Write

I called this post Making time to write, not Finding time to write, because I don’t believe in finding time. It can’t be found.

If you’re not a writer, insert you’re own hobby into the sentence.

Making is different than finding. When you make something, you actively put thought into you. You plan ahead, you rearrange your schedule so that when 9 a.m. comes around, you know exactly what you are doing.

When you find something, it usually happens by chance. How many times have I looked for keys only to find them when I wasn’t expecting? It wasn’t something I planned.

I firmly believe that when you really want it, you can achieve it, no matter what road blocks are in your way.

I write to stay sane. It opens up my mind, it keeps me sharp, it makes me feel as if I’ve accomplished something. When I don’t write, I get grumpy. The same goes for not exercising.

Many situations in life aren’t fair, but there is one thing that everyone on the planet, past and present, has equal amounts of.


The only difference is how you spend it.

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