#MondayBlogs Ask Me Anything!

1startrekQ: Which celebrity was Brent named for?

I’m home with sick babies today, so I’ve decided to be sociable (online) and let you ask me anything about the Fairy World MD series.

I’ll start with the first two questions:

Question 1: Where are Olive’s mom and dad during Bloodthorn and we will see them again in Silverwitch?

A: Olive’s mom and dad are off touring the world, at least that’s what Olive has been told. The truth is a little more in depth than that, as her parents are working on a top secret project. We’ll see them briefly during Silverwitch where they’ll drop a HUGE BOMBSHELL on us. I just wrote the scene a few days ago and I think you’ll all be surprised.

Q: Brent’s name and description is patterned after a celebrity. Which celebrity is it?

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As always, live long and dream on!



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