On Being a Mother

I recently read a post (sorry, can’t remember where) about a mother of five children. She was bothered by comments others made about her lifestyle. Comments like, “Wow, you’ve got your hands full.” “How do you do it?”

Her response was that she chose to have five children, she wouldn’t choose anything else, and while she may have her hands full, she feels grateful to have her children.

I’m paraphrasing. And I completely agree with the author. But I have another bone to pick–something that’s bothered me for a long while.

I am a stay at home mom of four children. It’s what I always wanted to do, but in truth, I never prepared for. In high school, I took all the AP classes, studied hard, shunned the home ec. classes because they were blow-off classes. I took Advanced classes, because those would be the classes I needed for college, for my future. In college, I challenged myself, didn’t take any classes having to do with homemaking or cooking, because again, I didn’t need those.

I got my degree in English, even got a teaching certificate. I was prepared for the world, right?

And then I had children.

How many times have I wished I would’ve had classes on home maintenance, keeping a schedule, child psychology, stress reduction, how to communicate with a spouse?

But I didn’t take those classes, because I wouldn’t need them.

It makes me realize how messed up our system is. I don’t regret taking AP English and Pre-Cal, but I wish I would’ve had an opportunity to take classes that would actually help me in my situation now.
I’m not saying that going to college is a bad thing. I loved my college experience, and I plan on going back someday to get a Master’s degree, but why was I so focused on getting the grade in Calculus, when I would’ve been better off focusing on how to communicate with children.

I always assumed the mothering thing would come naturally. Some of it did. But I’ll admit, sometimes I have no clue.

In the meantime, I’ll learn while I go. I’ll take the challenges with a positive attitude. And someday I might figure out what I’m doing.

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